Online Consumer Complaint Forum – The Strongest Weapon To Fight Against Dishonest Proprietors


Nowadays, business either online or offline is increasing worldwide and even making its evergreen position by putting in the best efforts. But, companies can maintain their special position till the consumers get in touch with them for availing their services. All the consumers play a vital role in today’s competitive business world. Indeed, the consumer acts as a backbone of such old as well as new technology based business.

According to my opinion, most of the consumers are still innocent and even don’t know about their rights. Due to this, many deceitful proprietors cheat them in order to fulfill their desires. Sometime, I feel really very bad when I think about the citizens of our country. On the one hand, we say that we all are literate and well-educated citizens of a developed country and on the other hand, we generally hear the story of different kinds of scams or bad activities of dishonest owners or manufacturers who manufacture faulty products just because of the sake of earning more and more black money.

Root Cause of Several Cheap Activities:

Without any doubt, the truth is always bitter and the truth is that only we are responsible for such cheap activities. Our habit to trust on any owner blindly makes us victim of such greedy owners.

But, it is true that every problem has a solution that’s why we have online consumer complaint forums to solve our problems. In fact, they take charge of fighting against such corrupted owners for us. One can easily report and file their online complaint registration by following a few steps. These consumer complaint forums provide the optimum solution for you. If they can fight for us then why can’t we fight for ourselves or for our well-being?

According to my opinion, awareness is the most essential weapon which can actually fight against such issues with a great force either they are Government Issue, Public Issue, Private Issue or some other Issues. The more people will be aware, the more they will know about their rights. When they actually know their rights then it will be the beginning of their happy and healthy lifestyle.

Points to be remembered before purchasing a product:

Quality of Product: Quality product means the characteristics of a saleable good which completely meet the requirements of the customers. The more quality product gives birth to the more satisfaction of the consumers. In fact, most of the wise consumers run after quality products while a few unwise customers buy low quality product at the same price. Here half-knowledge or no knowledge makes a big difference and give an open invitation to the unwanted problems. So, one should always aware about the quality products in order to take advantage of them after buying such quality products.

Quantity of Product: Quantity is also another essential factor which is to be remembered before buying a product as it plays a pivotal role. The quantity of a product matters a lot for the consumers. A few innocent consumers buy less quantity as well as low quality products at the normal price just because of half-knowledge or no knowledge. So they should be aware about quantity of products.

Expiry Date of Product: An expiry of product is also a very necessary factor to be remembered before purchasing a product. One should always take care of it. Sometimes consumption of expired product or medicine may lead to death. In order to prevent from such problems consumer should be aware about the expiry date of the products.

Brand of Product: Brand basically introduces the level of the company. It is true that branded products are rarely defective. But, there is no shortage of fake companies which copy the logo of the actual branded company and sell the defective product by putting the fake logo at the same cost. So, you should take care about the right brand of the product too.

Cost of Product: As we all know that everyone runs after quality and inexpensive product all the time. As far as my knowledge is concerned, few consumers are wise enough and know about their rights while the other customers are innocent and purchase the product at high cost. So, one should always be smart while purchasing the products and always purchase the right product at the right cost.

In fact, there are still hundreds of factors which one should keep in mind before purchasing the goods. It totally depends on you that how aware are you about the product which you are going to purchase. I only want to say that just keep the above points before purchasing any product. I hope these points may help you to buy quality product at the right price.

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Source by Seema Rawat

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