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Infinix mobiles phones are Android based mobiles that have entered into the smartphone market in the year 2013. They are an ideal choice for the low budget phones cost quite cost-effective. Yet, they have features with some of the finest smartphones online. The hot product of the Infinix mobile phones is the Infinix Note 4 and the Infinix Smart 2 that are launched online exclusively on Tigmoo. These handsets are low-cost mobile phones that have outstanding features such as an efficient processor, wonderful storage memory, camera many more.

Infinix is a manufacturer of smartphone belongs to Hong-Kong. The company was founded in the year and quickly become popular in few years. At present, everyone wishes to have a smartphone. However, there are lots of choices available to select. Here is one unbelievable smartphone that is definite to kill its competitors. You can Buy Infinix Phones Online available at discounted price.

The Infinix Note 5: It is nothing but, “Beyond Intelligent”. Its inspirational design with a smooth and elegant glass finish provides it a fluidic edge and even mirror effect. This Infinix Note 5 smartphone displays sophistication and style, giving it a grand and relaxed in-hand feel.

Infinix Hot 5 is referred to a fifth generation providing in the Hot series of reasonably priced smartphones. The device is having a fingerprint scanner, powerful battery, and Android 7.0 (Nougat). Infinix Hot 5 is extremely successful after the Infinix Hot 4.

Infinix Note 4 Pro

Infinix Hot 4 Pro was first entered into the market in August 2017. The handset is available with a 5.50-inch touchscreen show and having a promise of 720 pixels to 1280 pixels. As far as price is concerned, the price remains around Rs. 6,999.

The Infinix Hot 4 Pro is power-driven by 1.3GHz quad-core mainframe. It comes with 3GB of RAM. The mobile phone is available with 16GB of an internal storeroom that can be extended up to 128GB through microSD. When we talk about the features of the cameras are concerned, the mobile phone is packed with a 13-megapixel main camera on the back. An It also has the 5-megapixel front revolver for selfies.

Smart 2

If you are looking for a smartphone that is compact, robust and promises to have an immersive viewing experience, then it is better to shop for Smart 2 from Infinix. It is a wonderful option to consider. The features include an HD+ Resolution screen that includes minimum bezels, a dominant a 13 MP Rear Camera and 8 MP Selfie Camera and so that you can confine your memories in best quality as per your choice.

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